“The Ups and Downs of 100 Years of US-Hungarian Relations”

Event date: Jan. 6-13, 2023

A 3-part lecture series presented by Prof. Tibor Glant, Associate Professor, Debrecen University.

(Jan 6) “The American Adventures of The Holy Crown of Hungary,”
Prof. Glant discussed the adventures of the Crown of Saint Stephen, a quintessential symbol of Hungarian statehood, which had been stolen, hidden, lost, recovered, and taken abroad many times, including most recently to the United States.

(Jan 11) “The United States and The Trianon Treaty: Myths and Realities,”
Dr. Glant discussed the Trianon treaty of 1920, the role the US played in drafting it, as well as what had happened between the two countries between 1918 and 1921, and why “Trianon” had become a major taboo in bilateral relations.

(Jan 13) “Hungary’s Adventures with American Cultural Diplomacy in The Mid-1960s:
“Packaging Difficulties,” Twice Banned Exhibitions, and the Premier of ‘My Fair Lady’ In Budapest,” Dr. Glant discussed American cultural diplomacy in 1965-66 when the two countries had moved from open hostility to raising diplomatic relations to the ambassadorial level. This entertaining lecture revolved around the amusing exploits of Cultural Affairs Officer and Press Secretary Ed Alexander, reciting stories from the world of music, theater, film, higher education, and diplomacy.

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