Nov 21 2014


A major goal of the Foundation is the establishment of a Hungarian Heritage Center in the Nation’s capital.  The Heritage Center will be located in the Kossuth House, which is located at DuPont Circle in the heart of Washington, D.C.

As part of the merger between HRFA and GBU Financial Life in Pittsburgh, the parties agreed to transfer the building to our Foundation to carry on the charitable, educational, and cultural activities for the Hungarian-American community conducted in the building in the past.  The transfer has taken much time and effort, and, with the cooperation of the many parties involved, we hope to complete the transfer and renovation of the building in the near future.  The building would be used to house Hungarian-American nonprofit organizations, and could host meetings, lectures, performances, and classes focusing on our shared heritage.

We are making significant progress toward creating a Hungarian Heritage Center—a legacy to serve Hungarian-Americans in Washington and across our nation.




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