Top Summer Cultural and Music Festivals of Hungary in 2016

April 12, 2016

Each summer, Hungary offers several art related programs, such as music festivals, exhibitions and folklore events, to show the uniqueness of the Hungarian tradition to foreigners and natives. Here is a sampling of the country’s most exciting festivals.


The 6th Buda Castle Beer Festival – Budapest, June

Buda Castle Beer Festival by Derzsi Elek Andor

The Beer Festival in Buda Castle offers hundreds of different craft beers made in Hungary and elsewhere in Europe. During the four-day festival, the guests can hear several concerts and try local Hungarian foods. What makes the beer festival unique is its location in the Buda Castle—on the open courtyards of the Buda Royal Palace. The panoramic view of the Pest side at night makes the festival unforgettable, even for Budapest residents.

The Night of Museums – Countrywide, June

During the one-night event, hundreds of museums are open for visitors all over Hungary, including the Budapest History Museum, the House of Terror Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Hungarian National Gallery. The Night of Museums usually lasts from 6:00 pm until 2:00 am and organizers expect hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Veszprémfest – Veszprém, July

Veszprémfest is a great opportunity to hear a variety of different music genres including classical music, opera, jazz, pop music and world music. The picturesque Archbishop’s Palace, the Holy Trinity Statue, and the Veszprém Cathedral serve as the main setting for the concerts and events.

Valley of Arts – Kapolcs, July

Since 1989, six villages north of Lake Balaton (Kapolcs, Vigántpetend, Taliándörögd, Monostorapáti, Öcs and Pula) host the Valley of Arts folklore festival. Visitors can participate in several programs, such as traditional Hungarian concerts, exhibitions and theatre performances. During the festival, craftsman sell wooden bowls, wooden toys, handmade clothes and jewelry.

Hortobágy Equestrian Day – Hortobágy, July

The one-day event targets those people who are interested in horse related programs, such as the National Horsemen's Competition. Hortobágy, which is a part of the Hungarian Alföld (Great Plain), is rich with folklore history. The goal of the festival is to present the importance of horses in Hungarian culture through the centuries.

Sziget Festival – Budapest, August

Sziget Festival by Gergely Csatari

The Sziget Festival is undoubtedly among the largest and most popular music festivals in the world. In 1993, Sziget was a simple student rock event with only 40,000 visitors. Nowadays, the number of participants usually exceeds 400,000 from over 70 countries. The festival is held on Hajógyári Island (Hajógyári Sziget) in Budapest. In recent years, Robbie Williams, R.E.M, David Guetta, David Bowie, Iggy Pop and the Buena Vista Social Club were among the most notable artists. According to, Rihanna is going to be one of the main artists at Sziget 2016.

Festival of Folk Arts – Budapest, August

Festival of Folk Arts by einstein2

Much as the Valley of Arts, the Festival of Folk Arts shows the roots of Hungarian culture. Visitors can taste traditional Hungarian food and drink (palinka and chimney cake), hear concerts, participate in archery lessons, see puppet shows, and buy handmade leather clothes and folk instruments. This, the biggest Hungarian folk festival, is held in the Royal Buda Castle every August, and is also the home of a mini Cheese Festival.

Savaria Historic Carnival – Szombathely, August

The Savaria Carnival is one of the most well-known and notable historical “time travel” events in Central Europe, focusing on the Ancient Roman period and influence in the region. During the festival, the main square in Szombathely is transformed into a Roman market where visitors can watch gladiator shows, see Roman weapons and military customs. Szombathely was founded by the Romans under the name of “Savariensum” and the city served as the capital of Pannonia Province.



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