Mar 06 2021

The Foundation Concludes Officer Elections and Welcomes Two New Directors

At a Kossuth Foundation board meeting held on March 4, remaining officer positions were filled, and two new directors were elected to the board completing the eleven-member board.  Mr. Atilla Kocsis was elected the new Chairman of the Board, replacing Mr. Rozsa, who had served in that position for most of the past seven years including several years during which he also served as Executive Director.  Mr. Kocsis has been active in a number of local and national organizations including as the Chairman of the Board of a local nonprofit private school and also as a former officer of the American Hungarian Federation.  Mr. Rozsa was elected as the new Vice Chair, a position that had been vacant for several months.  Mr. Stefan Fedor was elected as Treasure, a position that had been held by Mr. Kocsis.  Mr. Fedor is also extremely active in Hungarian American organizations as the President of the American Hungarian Heritage House and on the board of the Hungarian American Coalition. 


In addition, two new directors were added, bringing the total to eleven current members, the number specified in our bylaws.  Added by a unanimous vote of the board were Ms. Kinga Hydras and Rev. Judit Mayer, both of whom are very active in local Hungarian organizations and bring key skills to their service on the board.  Ms. Hydras joins as a leader in the Magyar Iskola in the suburban DC community and with a strong background in public and private buildings as a senior member of the Federal government’s green building program. Rev. Mayer brings her experience as a minister in the Hungarian Reformed Church in the metro DC area ministering to the needs of the Hungarian American community and helps to connect the Foundation to long history of the Hungarian Reformed Church’s role in our predecessor organization, the Hungarian Reformed Federation of America, which created the Foundation in 2011 to carry on the charitable work that HRFA had supported over its 115 years of service to Hungarian American community.  


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