Membership Meeting Held on April 11, 2015

The Kossuth Foundation held its first membership meeting on April 11, 2015, at the Hungarian Reformed Church in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  The meeting was called to approve changes to the Foundation’s organizing documents to meet certain specific requirements of the Internal Revenue Code, and to update members on upcoming Board Elections and the status of the Kossuth House transfer in Washington, DC.  Several members of the Board and membership were present in New Brunswick, others participated by phone but the majority of those participating did so by ballots and proxies sent in prior to the meeting.  After reports from our Executive Director, Mr. Peter Berty, and our Treasurer, Mr. John Morey, the membership approved the changes to the Articles of Incorporation, which had previously been approved by our Board, that clarify what happens to the Foundation’s assets in the event the Foundation is ever dissolved or becomes insolvent.  The membership also approved a technical correction to a reference to the Hungarian Reformed Church in America in the change to the Articles.

The Chairman of the Board, Mr. Gabor Rozsa, also reported on the status of the transfer of the Kossuth House in Washington DC to the Foundation.  The transfer has been long delayed due to the inability of all of the parties involved in the transfer to reach an agreement on how best to proceed.  This includes: the current owners, who are two former officers of the Hungarian Reformed Federation of America (HRFA) and who purchased the property in 2009 pursuant to a non-cash, seller financed sale leaseback arrangement with HRFA; GBU Beneficial Life, which acquired the HRFA’s lien on the property essentially equal to the entire appraised fair market value of the building; GBU’s District 3000 Advisory Board consisting of the former board of HRFA; and the Kossuth Foundation, which is comprised of many of the former Board and membership of HRFA.  Chairman Rozsa reported on the strong interest in restoring the building as a Hungarian heritage center in the Nation’s Capitol and expressions of support for that goal by Hungarian and Hungarian-American interests in Washington.  At present, negotiations continue but it appears that a resolution may require some kind of court action.
The participating members also discussed the need to hold quadrennial elections to the Board of Directors, and approved a motion calling for Board elections not later than October 15 of this year.  A Nominating Committee was convened, consisting of current Board Members, George Dozsa, Joe Fabri, Laszlo Hamos and Gabor Rozsa, to solicit and evaluate candidates for membership on the Board and to make recommendations to the entire Foundation membership in time for elections this fall.  Anyone interested in serving on the Board or wishing to nominate someone else is encouraged to contact any member of the Nominating Committee or by sending nominations to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Chairman Rozsa also commented on the need to develop a more efficient and less costly way to reach out to the membership.  As the Foundation’s membership includes all policy holders of HRFA as of December 2011, this is a large number of members that must be contacted whenever any membership decisions are required.  This is an expensive process as we have almost 6,000 members.  Other options were discussed including requiring that only those members who respond to mailings or register on-line would later be contacted by mail or email.

The minutes of the Kossuth Foundation Membership Meeting that was held on April 11, 2015 in New Brunswick, New Jersey are available in PDF format.  Download Minutes


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