Mar 22 2016

Kossuth Foundation Welcomes New Intern

March 22, 2016

The Kossuth Foundation welcomes Bence (Ben) Janek to the team as our new Intern. Since mid-February, Ben has been writing and posting online content on the Foundation’s website; he also attends meetings, takes notes in conference calls, and serve the Hungarian-American community in the Washington DC area.

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Ben graduated from McDaniel College Maryland where he majored in Political Science and International Relations. After his high school graduation in Hungary, Ben studied for two years at McDaniel College Budapest. In 2015, he continued his education program in Maryland as an international student.

After graduating in Maryland, Ben moved to Washington DC to gain more work experience as an Intern.

During his college years, Ben worked for the Budapest Business Journal as a journalist Intern where he published several political and business news articles in English.

In his free time, he attempts to learn Spanish, read news, run, swim and workout in the gym.




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