Kossuth Foundation Hosts Poetry Reading

Tony Reevy—In Person

Reading poems.

Poems about leaving and arriving,

 about losing and finding.

Leaving the Old Country …

 arriving in America.

Old social networks … broken.

Arriving in the “New World” …

 finding what?

The poems explore.


Tony Reevy read from his new book of poetry, Passage, at Marymount University on November 11, 2015.  The Kossuth Foundation’s Executive Director, Peter Berty, and Chairman of the Board, Gabor Rozsa, arranged the cultural event in cooperation with Marymount University administrators.TonyReevyAtMarymount2015-11-11

Passage (in Hungarian, Átutazás) tells the story of a Central European family who immigrated to the United States—what they found, what they gained, and what they lost.


Approximately 25 attended the event in Arlington, Virginia, including the Chair of the English Department and some of her students, along with others.

After reading selected poems, Mr. Reevy answered questions from the audience.  Later, Mr. Reevy commented that the many creative writers in the audience posed some unique questions.  The Hungarian-Americans in the audience talked about the experience of leaving one’s homeland and making a new life in a new country.

Tony Reevy, senior associate director of the Institute for the Environment at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), is a graduate of North Carolina State University, UNC-Chapel Hill, and Miami University.  He is a David P. Morgan Award winner (2006) and a Pushcart Prize nominee.  His previous publications include poetry, non-fiction, and short fiction.

Marymount President Matthew D. Shank, Ph.D., and his staff helped with the arrangements.

Founded in 1950, and located in Arlington, Virginia, Marymount University is an independent, coeducational Catholic university offering bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in a wide range of disciplines.


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