Mar 29 2022

Helping Ukraine

Kossuth Foundation community, there are a member organization of the larger Hungarian-American community doing fundraising drives, the Kossuth Foundation wants to do its part. 

One of our board members just returned from Hungary where he visited the help centers along the Ukrainian border, and established contacts with people on the ground, and experienced how generously the Hungarian people offered help to all refugees and those affected by the war - it truly made us proud.

With the agreement of the Executive Committee, we are kicking off our own unique initiative accompanied by a small fundrasing campaign to support the refugees from Ukraine and the Hungarian minorities who remained in Kárpátalja.

Through reliable contacts affiliated with local churches and charities who are regularly delivering aid to the border and into Western Ukraine, we will sponsor a few shipments of donations for those in need. It is unique because we will see exactly how we help and whom we help. It is unique because we will be able to provide exactly what is needed at that moment. If we raise more, we will also contribute to the centralized program that already works very effectively on a large scale to distribute aid across the border and beyond.

Additionally, the Board will match donations for the first $1000 collected.  Please use this link to do your own contribution:

Information of the campaign is also available on our Facebook page:



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