Feb 20 2019

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Preserving the Hungarian Language in the US, and our Library's Contribution to the Cause

There is a group of passionate people from Hungary, who started an important project recently. Their goal is to help preserve the Hungarian language for kids born abroad.

Viola created the first book of Szókimondóka 8 years ago. As a mother of 3 children, living in the US, she was motivated to pass the Hungarian language on to them. After many years, she temporarily moved back to Hungary, and partnered with Timi, who's running the Hungarian Bookstore in New York. This cooperation made the Anyanyelvmegorzes.hu project possible. While the books target young children between the ages of 2-6, Anyanyelvmegorzes has a much broader aspect. Their main goal is to help Hungarian parents abroad, how to prepare for obstacles and challenges along the way.

The Szokimondoka books, and the website provide great tools to parents and teachers abroad to raise bilingual kids away from their homeland.

As a Hungarian Library in the US, we started a cooperation in a form of an interview that they published on their blog. In addition, our library will soon house a copy of each Szókimondóka book, and workshop plans are in the talk already as well.

We're looking forward to all we can do together in the future! In the meantime, please find the interview here: https://anyanyelvmegorzes.hu/2019/02/03/magyar-konyvtar/