Feb 03 2020

News and Events

2020 Quadrennial Meeting - Coronavirus Update

Public health officials are urging people to avoid crowds and public gatherings and to practice good hygiene when interacting with the public because of the spread of the COVIT-19 coronavirus. This is affecting our long planned quadrennial meeting of the membership of the Kossuth Foundation. This is a very important meeting that is required by our bylaws once every four years and has already been delayed because of the sale of the Kossuth House in 2019. Our Executive Committee met earlier today and decided that, because of the importance of the meeting, we will go ahead and meet but we will also give members the option to participate remotely and by absentee ballot.

The three major agenda items for the meetings are: to inform the membership of developments relative to the Foundation and the sale of the Kossuth House to the Government of Hungary, to answer members’ questions about those developments, and to elect a new Board to govern the activities of the Foundation going forward. We believe we can accomplish these remotely, allowing all to listen in and raise questions by phone and to conduct the election using absentee ballots. If you wish to call in, the number to call is 1-425-436-6260, passcode 1909190# (this is the corrected call in number). If you want to attend in person, you are still welcome to come but we ask anyone who is experiencing any cold or flu symptoms or who has been with someone who has, to stay home and participate by phone and internet. You will be able to hear our reports and to ask questions.

As for the election of the board, if you can’t attend in person, our website has a copy of the ballot which we ask you to print out and get back to us as per the instructions that are with the form. The Executive Committee, on behalf of the entire Board, has extended the due date for the ballots to be received by the time of the meeting which is 9:30 on Saturday. Because it is likely too late to mail the ballots, this means you will either need to scan and email the ballot as per the instructions on the ballot or drop it off at the Kossuth House in person. For a copy of the ballot and the instructions, please click here. Any ballot received on or before 9:30 a.m. on March 14th will be counted. Any write in nominations will require that the board check the nominee’s qualification and the newly elected board will evaluate the nominees for eligibility and decide on extending a position for them to join the board in the spring. Also, we understand that the list of candidates contains more than two non-US citizens and our bylaws only allow up to two such members on the board.