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Jan 04 2018


These are our teachers


Judit Subert Haála

Csilla Pavlovics

Marianna Subert

Judit Gábor

Elvira Csekő



 Judit Subert Haála

Judit Subert Haála, is a native Hungarian speaker and language educator with 30 years of teaching and counseling experience. Judit is a certified teacher and she was a leader of language learning courses held in Manchester, UK. As a Hungarian language teacher, Judit always seeks new opportunities to strenghthen the relationship between different cultures. She encourages students to share about their country and learn about Hungarian Culture, History, Music and Fine Arts. Through interactive activities and reading tasks, Judit is able to make sure that students improve their language skills that will enable them to communicate effectively from beginner thru academic level.
Judit was a coordinator and project manager in many International Student and Teacher exchange programs (Comenius) between European Countries. Judit has a wide-range of interests and she is very active outside the classroom. She hosted 5 radio programs and she is a founder of a charity foundation (Sorsforduló). Currently Judit is a mentor at a Catholic Highschool in Northern Virginia and she is a dedicated employee of LifeMatters Company, where she is keen on helping people from all walks of life. Judit is an owner of two small businesses and is a happy mother of four.

 Csilla Pavlovics


 Marianna Subert

Marianna Subert is a native Hungarian speaker and certified educator. Her extensive professional experience as a language teacher includes teaching Hungarian to American diplomats and to the Military Attaché Cadre in small group settings. Marianna places emphasis on active communication that ranges from listening exercises through roleplay to dialogs and live scenarios. Her goal as a language teacher is to enable students to feel confident in using the language and for them to enjoy countless opportunities with that knowledge. Marianna has a Bachelor’s degree in Education from the Budapest Teacher’s Training College in Hungary and a Master’s degree from George Mason University in Virginia. 



 Judit Gábor

Judit Gabor is a native Hungarian speaker and a language educator living in the US for more than 20 years. Since she moved to the Washington, DC Metro area, Judit teaches Hungarian to US federal government employees (diplomatic, military) in preparation for overseas assignments.
Before she moved to the US she worked as a column editor and journalist at numerous Hungarian newspapers and worked as a reporter at the Hungarian Radio Broadcast. Her wide-ranging interests allow her to teach not just the language per se, but also to answer questions about the Hungarian culture, history, and geography.
By her teaching methods she successfully maintains the students’ interest for the language, and makes sure the students have a constant sense of achievement through the learning process. Judit has extensive experience in applying various language proficiency scoring scales used in language testing. Judit has Master’s degrees in Education, Philosophy of Art and Marketing from a Hungarian University and Project Management from Georgetown University.
Besides teaching she is a glass artist. Her stained and fused glass pieces are all over in Europe and in the US at private homes and galleries.

 Elvira Csekő



Kossuth Foundation News

Mission Statement

The mission of the Foundation is to, “foster diversity in American society and honor the presence of Hungarian Americans in it by maintaining and encouraging the language, heritage, religious traditions, and historical culture of Hungarians in America and the appreciation thereof.” [from Article I of the Kossuth Foundation Bylaws]

Hungarian Language Program Update

January 8, 2018

The January 8, 2018 meeting at Arlington Central Library from 6pm IS CANCELLED due to weather conditions. 

NEW MEETING DATE AND TIME: The Kossuth Foundation will hold an organizational meeting for those interested in attending Hungarian language evening/weekend classes in the spring on January 13, 2018 between 1- 2PM at the Kossuth House (2001 Massachusetts Ave, NW. Washingon DC 20036) close to Dupont Circle. All interested students are encouraged to attend. If there is enough interest we hope to offer beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate and advanced class this spring.


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