Dec 02 2014

Board of Directors and staff

Kossuth Foundation Board of Directors as of January 1, 2022  


Mr. Atilla Kocsis


Title Name City, State, Zip
Chairman, Director  Mr. Atilla Kocsis Alexandria, VA
Vice Chair, Director Mr. Gabor J. Rozsa Fairfax, VA
Treasurer, Director Mr. Sandor Vegh Washington, DC
Secretary, Director Mr. Zsolt Szekeres Budapest, Hungary
Director Ms. Emese Latkoczy New York, NY
Director Ms. Judit Slezak Vienna, VA
Director Ms. Judit Haala Subert Budapest, Hungary
Director Rev. Judit Mayer VA
Director Ms. Andrea Lauer Rice Atlanta, GA
Director Ms. Kinga Hydras VA
Director Ms. Zsuzsanna Seres VA



Role Name City, State, Zip
Bookkeeper Ms. Zsuzsanna Seres Gaithersburg, MD
Building Maintenance Mr. Gheorhge Agopcsa Reston, VA


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