Jul 21 2021

Photos of the Kossuth House from 1998

Photos of the Kossuth House from 1998

The Kossuth House, located at 2001 Massachusetts Avenue, is the Home Office of the Hungarian Reformed Federation of America.

There are two plaques on the outside wall of the Kossuth House, depicting Kossuth and Roosevelt. The name of the building and the Federation and its logo are diplayed by the main entrance door.

A beautiful ornament and paintings greet the visitors upon entering the building.

The walls are decorated with paintings depicting scenes on Kossuth's journey in America. The title of this one is "When Kossuth rode up on Broadway".

Two valuable Hungarian flags - from 1902 and 1913 - are on display in the President's room.

There is a speaker's stand with the Hungarian and American flags around it in the conference room.

This is the previous (third) Kossuth House. It was built by the Federation in 1962. It is located at 3126 New Mexico Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. It was purchased by the Republic of Finland as their new Embassy building. It was later resold to the Organization of the East Carribean States and hosts their embassies.

The Hungarian and American banners on top of the Kossuth House.